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Topic 1: What is Phonological Awareness?
What is Phonological Awareness? Page 1

Objectives Associated with this Activity

  • 1.1 The learners will be able to define phonological awareness and the importance to reading.

Estimated Time to complete: 10 minutes

Before beginning the course, click on the link below and complete the K-W-L chart. This is a great way to assess your knowledge on phonological awareness. You will only complete the 1st and 2nd columns at this point. In the first column, list what you know (K)  about phonological awareness. Then make a list of what you want (W) to know in the next column. At the end of the course you will write down everything you learned (L) about phonological awareness. Make sure you save this document, so you can return to it when you have completed the course. k-w-l chart

Phonological awareness is the first building block in beginning reading. It is just one of the five components that support growth in reading skills. Phonological awareness is an oral language skill that involves the ability to notice, think about and manipulate the sounds of our language. Weak skills in phonological awareness are a primary cause for reading difficulties. Students need solid phonemic awareness training for phonics instruction to be effective. Children entering first grade weak in phonemic awareness:

  • Have difficulty "cracking the code" of written language
  • Rely too much on guessing
  • Do not read independently
  • Remain inaccurate in their reading

picnic basket

Here is an example activity to try.  Lets pretend we are going on a picnic. Think of the people in your family that you might bring along. Associate their names with some item they would bring with them on a picnic that rhymes with their name. Examples: My name is Sam, and Ill bring some ham. Fred will bring the bread. OR begins with the same first sound. Examples: Mary will bring the mustard. "Louise will bring the lettuce." Play this game with your child as you travel in the car together.


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